Advantages of nano infrared heating

When planning and designing a heating system, it is very important to determine the heat load of the building and his rooms. For this purpose, DIN EN 12831 offers a calculation procedure that is recognized and used in Europe. This computer-aided calculation method allows obtaining good results for planning new buildings.

The calculation is contingent upon numerous parameters. Therefore, we provide only guide and empirical values, which are also used by specialists (exterior walls, adjoining rooms, window surfaces and orientation).

To obtain exact data, we recommend calculating the required heat according to DIN EN 12831. The following table shows values for approximate calculation.

Infrared radiation density

With the graphene coatings currently applied by us, the radiation portion in the total surface heating emission should be more than 80%. The reason for this is the speed the electrons flow with between both poles of the heating plate, which is about 15,000 SI. The appropriate insulation on the back of the surface heating system and the focusing of IR radiation on the radiating surface make the radiation values much higher. This distinguishes our technology from the mass of conventional infrared heating appliances.

Living area Conventional infrared heating Nano infrared heating
Living-room 35m² 2.800 W 2 x 400 W 800 W
Dining-room 15m² 1.200 W 1 x 400 W 400 W
Bedroom 18m² 1.080 W 1 x 300 W 300 W
Children’s room 18m² 1.440 W 1 x 400 W 400 W
Study 12m² 960 W 1 x 300 W 300 W
Guest room 14m² 840 W 1 x 300 W 300 W
Bathroom 12m² 1.200 W 1 x 400 W 400 W
Hall 10m² 600 1 x 200 W 200 W
Total 134m² 10.120 W 3.100 W
Heat required 10.120 W 3.100 W
Heating days 180 per year 180 per  year
Heating hours per day 8 hours 8 hours
Electricity tarif 0,27 KWh 0,27 KWh
Heat required per year 10.120 x 8 hours x 180 days 3.200 x 8 hours x 180 days
14.573 KWh 4.364 KWh
Heating costs per year 14.573x 0,27 3.933,90 Euro 4.364 x 0,27 1.178,28 Euro
Heating costs per month 327,83 Euro 98,19


A smart control system allows us to further reduce the energy consumption. We also offer all the necessary regulating and control units.

You can even forego laying a cable by using a radio thermostat. Apart from that, you can control the heating system with a special mobile app.


Our IR heaters have no moving parts and thus are completely maintenance-free. Furthermore, they are wear-free and have an extremely long service life. Also, the operating and installation costs are much lower as compared to other heating systems.


We provide a 5 year date of purchase warranty.


You need no expensive installation to mount an IR heater. Thus, you save space and money. We have special design programs for calculating the required heat outputs.


Our highly efficient IR heaters help save energy and prevent environmental pollution. Disposal is easy, as almost 96% of the used materials are recyclable.


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