Efficient technology and quality of life


You can choose the visible surface and the frame in your favourite colour. Or you can choose a mirror element, a natural slate surface, a printed image with your motifs or a surface with your advertising. Almost everything is possible!

Both purchase and operating costs for this maintenance-free heating system are significantly lower than in the case of any heating system known to date.


Installation requires little effort. Subareas and extensions can also be retrofitted with individual infrared wall and ceiling heaters, from single workplaces to the entire building. Installation in grid ceilings (Euroraster format) makes the IR heaters almost invisible. The heating panel can also be used as a stylish pendulum heating system below the ceiling.


All the people, not only allergy sufferers, need dust-free air with pleasant moisture content. IR heaters do not whirl up dust or dry out the air. They are also used as floor-standing appliances in the medical sector. The effect of infrared dark radiation is scientifically and clinically proven. The healthy long-wave infrared C radiation strengthens the immune system and the bone structure and delivers economical and efficient warmth to the body. The vital heat emitted by the radiating surface triggers detoxification, regeneration, healing and vitalization processes in the human body.

Wellness area

We manufacture floor-standing appliances with an outstanding design for wellness areas. You can design their surface according to your wishes. Anything is possible, so do not hesitate to ask us.

Comfort zone

The most natural heat is generated by solar radiation, to which our body has always been used. Sun rays do not heat the air but only the matter. Just think of the sunshine in your winter holidays.