The functioning principle of heat-wave heating is simple and resembles that of the sun. Infrared rays are absorbed by the floor, the walls, and the ceiling, which are heated thereby. The heat thus absorbed is then slowly returned to the room. This results in a comfortable room temperature and prevents mold formation. Infrared heaters whirl up hardly any dust or allergens, as the air circulation effect is much weaker than with conventional heaters.

The relative humidity remains virtually unchanged as compared to conventional systems. This ensures pleasant and agreeable climate in your living-room and bedroom during the cold season.

Use the IR heating system as an additional heater. This pays off specifically during transitional periods (spring/autumn).

Kinderzimmer – Children’s room; Bad & WC – Bathroom & WC; Flur – Hall; Wohnzimmer – Living-room; Wohndiele – Lobby; Arbeitszimmer – Study; Küche – Kitchen; Schlafzimmer – Bedroom; Gesamtfläche ca. 150 m2 – Total area of about 150 m2


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