To ensure highly efficient heating, we have developed a nanotechnology-based coated glass fibre fabric. It guarantees consistent heat radiation, long service life (beyond 30 years) and maintenance-free use (no moving parts).

The infrared heating technology has an almost unrestricted scope of application (apartment, office, production, and leisure).

Infrared radiation is the warmth of the sun. The healthy long-wave infrared C radiation strengthens our immune system and bone structure and delivers economical and efficient heat: bodies and objects (matter) are heated rather than the air. The result is no draught (convection) and no dust swirling! This is again very beneficial for allergy sufferers.


Our IR heating system is based on electrically conductive carbon fibres embedded between special materials. When energized, our fibre system emits comfortable heat due to dark radiation. Its high efficiency is due to the fact that the GNP heating dispersion used by us conducts current about 900 times better than copper. This is the reason why our IR heaters consume 40% less power than a conventional infrared heating system.


An epochal increase in the efficiency of the IR heating technology is achieved through the use of cutting-edge materials based on nanotechnology. Carbon particles of 4-6 nm (1 nanometre = one billionth of a metre), with electrical conductivity 200 times higher than that of copper, make it possible to manufacture very thin resistors that work as heat conductors converting the fed current almost one hundred percent into heat and generating infrared radiation density.


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